stream stream [striːm] noun [countable]
1. a long and almost continuous series of things:
stream of

• Despite the steady stream of layoffs, federal statisticians are predicting growth in select industries.

• The refinery will come on stream (= start producing a stream of oil ) next year.

2. FINANCE regular amounts of money coming into a company or organization from a particular activity or source, especially over a long period of time:

• The city will get an income stream from property and income taxes paid by the new owners.

• The new products account for more than 80% of the company's revenue stream.

* * *

stream UK US /striːm/ noun
[C] FINANCE a regular flow of money: »

Utilities have a steady stream of cash coming in from their customers.


Fees for advising on acquisitions represent a large part of big banks' income streams.

[C, usually singular] a large number of things or people of a similar type that happen or are seen one after the other: a/the stream of sth »

A bankruptcy filing would add to the stream of business failures that have plagued corporate America.

a steady/constant/continuous stream of sth/sb »

At the moment, we're seeing a steady stream of people in trouble from refinancings.

come on stream — Cf. come on stream
stream UK US /striːm/ verb [T] IT, INTERNET, COMMUNICATIONS
to listen to or watch sound or video on a computer, mobile phone, etc. directly from the internet rather than downloading it and saving it first, or to send sound or video in this way: stream video/music/files »

You can now use your home wi-fi wireless network to stream music from your PC.


Streaming channels to individual handsets takes up a lot of network capacity.


Although TV and other video can be streamed over 3G networks, it is not a broadcast technology.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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